Starting Out

September 4, 2019

Starting Out

Creating this business has brought out the optimist in me. You're reading about someone who is generally waiting for the other shoe to drop but for some strange reason, when it comes to writing, there might as well be a giant "W" on my chest and a cape on my back. 

This feeling is both wonderfully encouraging and incredibly productive.  

I see things that can be improved. I read things and think, "ooh you know what would sound great instead?" The creativity is boiling over and I have to be mindful that my opinion (because that's what it is, no matter how professional it might be) is just that: an opinion. 

But the superpower is pushing me to help. It wants me to reach out to people all over and ask if I can improve something for them. And for every no, I remember that a yes is headed my way. That's the optimism pushing through, catching the wind and blowing my cape up behind me in an insta-worthy moment that I don't have the wherewithal to capture. But I felt it. And it's propelling me forward.